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PILLOWFIGHT PILLOWCASE PDF Pattern, Housewife Pillowcase Pattern, Travel to King Size, 6 Trim Styles

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"Pillow Fight" PDF Pattern, Housewife Pillowcase Pattern, Travel to King Size, 6 Trim Styles.

Pillow won't slip out.

“House Wife Pillowcase” is a name most recognized for this type of pillowcase. Other names are “European Style Pillowcase” or “British Style Pillowcase”. It has an extra flap of material on the end which hides the pillow and also keeps the pillow from sliding out. This is a cure for all those pillow fights and toddlers pulling their pillow out.

After I researched this type of pillowcase, I asked my British nursing friend what she knew about them. She said that they were common in hospitals in England. Years ago when she was in nursing school they were taught the fine art of bed making. All pillowcases were to be always turned away from the entrance door so that they gave a nice appearance upon entry.

I tested this pillowcase on my grandson. He played with it for hours and never once did his pillow slip out. This design helps keep your insert pillow nice and clean.

I made all my samples in travel size but I give measurements for all sizes. I have included 6 styles with different types of trim from ruffles to embroidery. This is a great project for charity and to use up all those small pieces of left over fabrics.

This is one of my first pattern to publish using the “Ola Jane” trade name, but I have many more patterns that I sell under the trade name “Foot Loose & Fancy Free PDF patterns.