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"QUILT AS YOU GO" Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilting Pattern


Easy, quick and fun to make Grandmother’s Flower Garden “quilt as you go” PDF pattern. This pattern is all you need to create many designs from a simple coaster , pot holder, place mat, table runner all the way to any size quilt.

The name for the procedure is called folded hexagon Australian patchwork or framed hexagon. This is a great way to use individual flowers for the center of your project.

Each hexagon is pieced one at a time and has three basic pieces. Front, back and batting. You will sew all three together at once and when you are done, you have a completed “mini quilt”. When they are joined together as a hot pad, place mat or quilt, you are finished! A coaster is just one completed hexagon.

This project is so portable. I take my pieces around to ball games in a sewing tin pail.

I have made a pot holder and place mat for my sewing machine sample. I have used a zigzag stitch but I am sure there are other stitches that would be pretty too.

This is also a lovely hand piecing project. For the hand pieced sample, I have chosen a tea cup design and hand quilted around the outline of each cup.

This is also a cute pattern for an “I Spy” quilt.